Welcome Spring!

March 20, 2014

Spring Paper Wreath | Card and Parcel

Awake, thou wintry earth –
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~ Thomas Blackburn

After a week of struggling to adjust to daylight savings time, I’m back on track and no longer loathing my alarm clock. What a treat to come home from work and have two hours of sunshine to enjoy.

All the sunny California days have me day-dreaming about planting a few flowers. Until I can get to the garden center, I created this paper floral wreath to tide me over. I used a green patterned paper so the branches on the wreath look like they have some depth. I had a few flower embellishments in my supply stash but you could use a punch to make the flowers.

I like this little cheerful wreath. It was easy to make and I can use the idea in multiple ways (napkin rings, gift topper, gift tag, ornament, garland, etc.).

2” circle punch
1.5” circle punch
Branch punch
Patterned paper
Flower embellishments

Spring Paper Wreath | Card and Parcel

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