Holiday Gift Wrapping

December 1, 2014

Just like people eat with their eyes, I believe gift-givng starts with the eyes. How a package is wrapped is as important to me as finding the perfect gift to give. I’m not always convinced I’ve selected a gift that’s “just right” (although I try), but I certainly can take the time to make sure the wrapping is top-notch.

When I stumbled upon the Most Gifted Wrapper contest, I had to enter. I thought of three different ways to wrap the same size box and carefully executed my plan. Wouldn’t you know it… you can only enter one wrapped gift. Bummer. This nature-themed gift was one of my rejected wrapping ideas. I don’t want to jinx it by posting the one I entered. If I win, I’ll share.

Do you love to wrap gifts? You have until December 10, 2014 to enter. By the way… I am not being paid by Scotch Brands to promote their contest (and I hope it doesn’t disqualify me!). I just got so excited about it I wanted everyone who loves gift wrapping as much as me to have a chance to enter.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Wrapping

  1. Jerry

    I hope you win! What will you do with $200 worth of Scotch products?
    I always find it funny how you can spend so much time wrapping a gift and then the paper gets tossed to the floor on Christmas morning in a rush to open the present.


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