Hanukkah and Thanksgiving – Together Again!

November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving cards | Card and Parcel
Happy Thanksgiving and… Happy Hanukkah! The last time the two holidays coincided was in the 19th century! And since it won’t happen again for another 80,000 years, those celebrating both should make the best of it this year. While Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, “both are holidays of gratitude after facing adversity.” Read more about what Thanksgiving and the Festival of Lights have in common.

On this momentous occasion, I could’t help but post these two adorable cards from Rifle Paper Co. (pictured above). I wish you all a happy holiday – which ever one you’re celebrating but especially if you’re celebrating both!

P.S. Meet Clove (pictured below). She’s the turkey my mom adopted on my behalf from Farm Sanctuary. Isn’t she pretty? She looks relieved.

Clove | Card and Parcel

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