Hand-Crafted Affirmations

July 2, 2015

Several months ago I attended a class about how best to make and stick to resolutions. It was led by a woman who referred to herself as an intuitive consultant and spiritual advisor. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The session turned out to be a discussion about the impact of positive thinking on our ability to achieve goals.


Something happened during the class that has stuck with me over the months. After listening to one of the other attendees debate the pros and cons of an important decision, the instructor said, “Leap and the net will appear.” Her statement was directed at everyone in the class, but it felt like she knew exactly what I needed to hear. She explained her belief that trusting our intuition and practicing positive self-talk helps us take chances and live more fulfilled lives.

At first I thought it was all a little new age-y, but after paying attention to my own self-talk, I noticed how many times I told myself negative things. Or, I let the negative things others said about me to seep under my skin and take root. It’s dangerous. It threatens my satisfaction or worse, my self-worth.


The instructor suggested daily affirmations – both spoken and written – as a way to rewire how we think about ourselves. I couldn’t find a book or set of affirmation cards that felt right to me so I decided to make my own. (FREE printable here!)

The goal of affirmations is to choose a few affirmations a week that speak to something you’re struggling with. Read them out loud, write them over and over in a notebook, even say them to yourself while looking in a mirror! (I haven’t worked up the ability to do the last one.) With practice, you’ll better trust your instincts, understand your value, and feel confident to take a big leap because you know the net will appear.

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