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Paper Easter Baskets

April 8, 2014

Paper Easter Basket | Card and Parcel

When I was a kid, every Easter it was the same story: my dad would “forget” to put on a tie for church. My mom and brother and I would wait in the car while my dad ran back into the house to finish dressing. After the service, we returned home to pastel-colored baskets overflowing with sweet treats left behind by the Easter Bunny (aka dad).

As an adult, I know I don’t need a giant basket filled with candy. But, a small paper Easter basket filled with a few favorite candies couldn’t hurt. These little baskets are easy to make and are perfect for brunch favors.

Paper Easter Baskets | Card and Parcel

Supplies Needed
Directions for folding an origami box
6 x 6 patterned paper (I used Country Drive by Echo Park Paper)
Bone folder
Eyelet tool (this is the one I use)
Needle nose pliers
Shredded green paper
Assorted candies

The directions for folding an origami box seem complicated at first but once you get into a groove, you can really crank them out. I used some double-sided tape to glue down the final flaps of paper.

I wanted to add a handle to the box so I punched two holes on opposite sides of the box and added eyelets. Using needle nosed pliers I bent some silver wire into different shapes to form the basket handles.

Paper Easter Basket | Card and Parcel

Once your box is complete, add some shredded green paper, a few pieces of candy, maybe even a gift tag. These little baskets would be a perfect decoration for your Easter brunch table.

Paper Easter Basket | Card and Parcel


Low-Stress Party

February 25, 2014

Oscar Party Wreath | Card and Parcel

I wish I threw more parties. I have a million reasons why I don’t. The house isn’t clean; I’m too tired; people are busy; the weather isn’t perfect; etc. It’s silly. No time is a good time, yet any time is the perfect time! I really enjoy having my friends over so I vowed to do it more frequently this year. (If I host two get-togethers in 2014 I’ll double what I did last year! I should be able to do that.)

I mentioned last week that I’m hosting my first-ever Oscar-viewing party. While I promise my next gathering will be more “pot-luck” style, for this get-together, I wanted to coordinate the menu and decorations. But, I also wanted to avoid stress. Right now I am feeling pretty good about everything and think I’m ready. My secret to reducing the stress of throwing a party is simple – and may not be so secret to you: I planned ahead, spaced out the preparations (shopping, cooking, crafting), and out-sourced some of the work.

Planning is my favorite part of anything. In fact, I frequently don’t get past the planning phase because I tend to overwhelm myself with ideas. This time, after I made my menu, I deleted a few of the items. I did the same with the decorations (goodbye homemade photo booth). I think paring down the ideas helped keep my stress under control.

Pinterest really helped with my planning. It’s where I found most of the recipes for my menu including these yummy cucumber stacks by Bakin Bit. I chose food that can be served cold or at room temperature and decided to buy dessert: mini cupcakes from Vanilla Moon (a local favorite).

I made my own invitations, gift bags, and some simple decorations (like the Oscars VIP sign pictured above). I worked on everything over the course of several weeks and just kept a “party craft box” on my desk so all the tools I needed were in one place. Originally I was going to design my own Oscar ballots and bingo cards. Instead, I’m using these from How About Orange and I couldn’t be happier. They are perfect.

I scheduled a house cleaning, a well-worth-it luxury, so I’m not exhausted when my guests arrive. After my place is all shiny, I’ll put out the decorations including the plain glass votives and vases I dressed up with gold washi tape I had on hand. I also borrowed some serving items I needed from my mom instead of buying stuff I would rarely use and don’t want to store.

I’ll let you know next week how it turned out and share a few photos so you can see the finished product. If all goes well there will be more entertaining in my future!

Hi! Five: Advent Calendars

November 15, 2013

Letterpress advent calendar from Tag & Tibby

I’ve been a little grouchy about all the “it’s not even Thanksgiving but I’m decorating for Christmas” activity this year. However, there are two things you do need to plan in advance: holiday cards and advent calendars.

When I was growing up, we always had one of those pretty, glittery paper advent calendars. Every day my brother and I would take turns carefully opening one of the tiny windows to reveal a camel or a shepherd or an angel. On December 1st I would let my brother open the first window, but not because I was generous or patient. I figured out before he did that if he went first, I would get to open the baby Jesus window on Christmas Eve. He wised up after a few years. (I still feel a little guilty about that, actually.)

I love advent calendars. I always want to make one, but since I don’t have kids, it seems silly: I would already know what was behind each window! Some years I buy a calendar so I can have a little surprise every day. I spent some time on Pinterest the other day checking out what people are now doing for advent calendars. Boy, they can be elaborate! But I found several that were simple and unique, and a few use items you already have in your home.

Say “hello” to my five favorite advent calendars.

1. A gorgeous letterpress advent calendar (pictured above) from Tag & Tibby. (My favorite!)

2. This envelope advent calendar by Stylish Livable Spaces has a unique color palette.

3. A winter wonderland advent calendar from Willow Day. (She’s provided a PDF printable template.)

4. A woodland ornament advent calendar from Pepper Sprouts. You could buy this one ready to go, or make your own and fill the bags with anything (ornaments, legos, matchbox cars, lip gloss, candy….)

5. A clever muffin tin advent calendar from Dixie DIY.

Happy weekend!