Hi! Five: Halloween Favorites on Pinterest


What I love about Pinterest is being able to curate links to my favorites into one e-bulletin board (I used to do this in word documents!). I created a Halloween board and although I don’t plan on making or baking all the things I’ve posted (or any of them, even) I love the aspirational aspect of it. Check out my Halloween Pinterest board and let me know what you think.

Say “hello” to my five favorite Halloween pins on Pinterest:

Favorite Pumpkin: Washi Tape Pumpkins from Lil’ Luna (pictured above).

Favorite Door Prize: Printable treat containers from Fantastic Toys on Etsy. 

Favorite Paper Craft: Witch Hat Centerpiece from Lilybeedesign.

Favorite Treat: Witch Cupcakes by The Alison Show for Julep.

Favorite Quote: By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”  ~ Shakespeare

Happy Weekend!

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