Hi! Five: Savor Summer

From Julep | http://www.minted.com/julep/2013/08/09/a-summer-wedding-showerI’m not trying to rush things but the end of summer is quickly approaching. Now’s the time to think about what summery projects you want to squeeze in before autumn is upon us.

Say “hello” to five summertime projects and events to help you savor the remaining days of summer.

1. Check out Kelli’s friend’s bridal shower from Julep (pictured above). You don’t have to have a friend getting married to throw a summer afternoon tea party.

2. Make a paper pinwheel. This tutorial from Shop Sweet Lulu is simple and oh so summery.

3. Host a summer movie night like this one styled by Victoria at SF Girl By Bay. I’ve seen these all over the blog-o-sphere and they look so fun.

4. Make some jam using your favorite summertime berries. OK – I don’t want to make jam either. But I would love to use these labels from The Elli Blog.

5. Throw an ice cream social! You can get as elaborate as you like with the flavors and toppings, but all you need to set the mood is this candy-colored bunting from Sunshine and Pop.

Happy weekend!

BONUS: Make an easy invitation for your Labor Day BBQ or Picnic.

6 thoughts on “Hi! Five: Savor Summer

    • Maybe your new (future) house will have the perfect outdoor space for a movie night. Renting a space is a good idea, though. I see a party in your future.

  1. Wow, I too love the summer movie night. It feels so back East which of course for me is nostalgic. Although, it is a reminder of the fun thing or two about camping. West Coast movie night at the campground watching an outdoor movie covered in blankets.

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